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Olive Elixir
Olive Elixir

Olive Elixir

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A luscious blend of smooth oils. Great for skin & hair!


Daily use: Promotes growth, strengthens strands and adds shine not weight! 

Add a small amount to your palm, rub palms together, and finger comb product into hair before using a comb or denman brush.

Hot oil treatment:  Place bottle in a bowl of warm water. Let sit until oil is warm to the touch (about 5-7minutes). Do not use boiling water!! Section hair and put oil from scalp to ends. Complete on remaining sections. Cover hair for 30 minutes.  For best result sit under a steamer or a dryer on medium to medium high heat for 15 minites. Continue with your regular wash routine.



For Eczema: Clean the area with Amai Olive Essentials'  Aloe Vera + Vitamin E serum or witch hazel. Allow the area to air dry. Once the area is dry, apply a small amount of Olive Elixir to the area and rub or pat until the area has been completely moisturized. For extreme flare ups, use Amai Olive Essentials' MIYS moisture sealant. This will allow the area to hold the moisture needed to repair the skin while also allowing proper airflow without clogging pores.

For Cradle Cap:

*This product has been tested on the owners youngest daughter who had extreme cradle cap as a new born. No babies we harmed in the making/use of this product.*

Avoid the urge to scratch the flakes and the Olive Elixir will help heal the good skin and remove the dead skin. Apply a small amount to your hands and gently work into baby's hair. Brush/comb as usual. Once the flakes  loosen from the sclap, it is fine to comb them out. Do not scratch or comb out any flakes that are still attatched to the scalp. 


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