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Get all  3 mini versions of our most popular products:

Gorgeousness scrub

*Removes dead skin cells while replacing the oils lost during regular washing of hands and body. This size is just enough to use for one wash to feel the hydrating effects of our scrubs.

Oatmeal Milk and Honey facial bar

*OH MY GOSH THIS SOAP IS SO GOOD! The oatmeal works to pull the troubled areas out and bring all the ick to the top. Once everything is out in the open (the detox phase) that's when the soap REALLY gets its groove on! The oatmeal eases the rough dry areas away. The honey coats and soothes the skin leaving it feeling pampered. The combination of oats and honey helps to balance your skin; adding oil where it should be and removing it from where it shouldn't. You're going to want everyone to feel your face after this one! Don't let them though, cause you know...Coronavirus and all.

Hair Crack (3oz)

Detangle and add moisture quickly.